On November 9, 2018, The Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) of Queens hosted a discussion with guest speakers Andrew Tisch and Mary Skafidas, compilers of the book Journeys: An American Story.

The event was moderated by two students who took a great interest in learning more about what inspired Mr. Tisch and Ms. Skafidas to share the stories that celebrate the vastness and variety of immigration tales in America.

“We were really surprised how many people wanted to tell their stories,” Ms. Skafidas shared. The book documents 72 essays about immigration and captures the idea of the American dream for many families from different backgrounds and circumstances.

Mr. Tisch shared with students that the most profound message he discovered is that everyone has a story and, just like the individuals documented in the book, each of the students is fortunate to have a chance for a better life. “This is really the best of what we have to offer in America – the opportunity to have an opportunity.”

Both Mr. Tisch and Ms. Skafidas applauded the students for sharing their morning to learn more about the book and for the great work they continue to do despite challenges that may come.

Prior to this event, each student from TYWLS of Queens Class of 2024 received a copy of the book.