Next Gen of YWLN hosted their third annual fundraising event in New York City on April 27, 2018. The nostalgic “House Party” theme was complete with all the classic games, food, drinks and msuic of their collegiate days. To see event photos, click here.

Thank you to our event sponsors, in-kind donors and attendees. Together, we are making the dream of college a reality for New York City public school students.

If you are interested in learning more about or becoming a member of Next Gen of YWLN, click here.

About Next Gen of YWLN

Next Gen of YWLN is a volunteer committee of young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s who share a common belief about helping young people use education to disrupt the poverty cycle. Through fundraising and volunteer events, Next Gen is making the dream of college a reality!


Cassandra Siegel, Anjelo Austria, Cara Chayet, Richard Day, Courtney Edwards, Jamie Goldstein, Erica Leiderman, Bess Orwasher

Committee Members

Alex Del Balso, Alexa DiSciullo, Jessica Fetner, Melanie Fetner, Marley Goldman, Izabella Goldenberg, Corey Harer, Samantha LaPalme, Erin Levering, Jake Lewin, Sarah Miller, Alex Neubauer, LJ Rader, Amanda Rosen, Jeremy Rosenblum, Colleen Scannell, Mohit Singla, Erica Skurnik, Alaxandar Wang, Jordan Weissman, Jessie Widder