Netflix Brings Internationally Acclaimed Memoirist Loung Ung To The Young Women’s Leadership School Of East Harlem

NEW YORK, NY – On September 15, Netflix, in partnership with Goodreads, heralded a new education initiative to bring the unheard narratives of world history into public school classrooms by hosting a singular event at The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem (TYWLS of East Harlem).

To mark the premier of Netflix’s film “First They Killed My Father,” directed by Angelina Jolie and based on the best-selling memoir by Loung Ung, the companies partnered with Young Women’s Leadership Network to create a conversation around telling the stories not often found in classroom history books – with the voices of people often marginalized.

After reading excerpts of Loung Ung’s memoirs and discussing the horrors of the Khmer Rouge, students prepared for the event by forming questions for the author. As a community that reflects the global narratives that together give voice New York City, the students of TYWLS were eager to hear about Ung’s experiences.

“Peace is not to be taken for granted. It’s not something you dream about or wish for – it’s something you do. You are the leaders. You do not have to wait until you graduate from high school,” urged Ung. “You already have this power. Use your authentic voice. Be the best of humanity.”

“First They Killed My Father” is now streaming everywhere on Netflix.